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Finance Assignment

Subject: Finance

Topic: Accounting and Managerial Finance


This paper will discuss valuation of a company using the discounted cash flow method. It is worth noting at this stage that valuing a company is not a simple task but it is very crucial for effective management. The cash flow method considers all cash flows emanating from the investment made by the company. Therefore, non cash flows items such as depreciation charges and other accounting policy adjustments are not relevant to this kind of valuation. Valuation of Henkel using the enterprise discounted cash flows will seek to estimate the streams of cash flows arising from the company’s investment and the period in which they occur. Under this method of valuation, it is assumed that cash inflows occur at the end of the financial year while cash outflows occur at the beginning of the financial year. 


Health Promotion Funding Proposal

Subject: Physiotherapy

Topic: Physical Activity And Healthy Eating Among Low-Income Women In Prabodhi Narendra Funding Proposal

Project Summary

The proposed program will be undertaken by Better Women Health Program and intends to address poor diet and inactive lifestyles among low income women in Prabodhi Narendra in Bihar, India, which makes them susceptible to obesity, overweight and diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Under this program, twelve women will be selected from the target group and trained in order to equip them with the skills to carry out one-on-one personal encounters and group activities with their peers from the target area. Such encounters and activities will encompass health education on exercise and healthy eating.  The program is intended to take a period of three years, whereby intervention will start in September and end in August each year. The program needs a funding of $148,000 per year. It will be facilitated by Better Women Health Program’s staff, the trained women, collaborators and target community members.    


Australian Law Assignment

Subject: Legal

Topic: Dominance of Power

Which of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers is dominant in the Australian political system?

Reitz (2008) observes that, Australian constitution exemplifies the separation of powers; hence delineate the functions of the legislature, Executive and judiciary. The object behind separation of power among the three branches is to develop the mechanisms for preventing overly power concentration to one arm of the government. The institutions of the government in Australia thus comprise of the legislative, Executive and judicial branches. The legislature/parliament is involved in making and amending of laws which are put into operation by the Executive and interpreted by the judiciary. Separate personnel are designed to carry out the powers and functions in each branch.  The parliament/legislature comprises of the Queen, who is represented by the Governor-General, Senate and House of Representatives. The Executive comprise of the Prime Minister and the ministers who puts the law into action. On the other hand, the judiciary that makes judgments about the law involves the subjects over the High Court and the federal courts.


International Law Assignment

Subject: Law

Topic: Transnational Law

Part I

Question 1

Legal investigations into the prospect of law in the globalisation era are frequently challenged by accounts of law’s purported inability to effectively extend itself further than domestic or national, jurisdictional confines. Consecutively, lawyers are not the only intellectuals who recognize and deliberate on the current regulatory issues normally categorised under the notion of “global governance”. Indeed, an enquiry into the character and scope of legal regulation within this context, on the one hand, is inexorably exposed to questions of derivation and purpose, and  on the other, to questions of relationships, compatibility and inter-disciplinarily[1].


Structured Essay

Subject: Aboriginal People

Topic: Aboriginal People in Australia


In reference to the Aboriginal Education and Training Strategy 2006-2008, the main goal of the New South Wales (NSW) Aboriginal Education and Training Policy was to ensure that the results of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will equal or even outshine the wide population of students (Rose, 2011). This policy brings about the requirements for all the staff to aim at some three guidelines for effective implementation: relations, engagement and ongoing learning. The NSW AETS 2006-2008 outlines the way in which the Department of Education and Training, partnering with relevant partners focuses its efforts on: a cultural change to create perspectives and activities in line with the Aboriginal education and training into all areas of the system, upgrading learning results for the Aboriginal students and changed set of activities to enforce workplace involvement for the Aboriginal people. In keeping with Rose (2011) the strategy has been made with intent on the work of schools, colleges, regions, TAFE Institutes and state office directorates towards achieving the common goal.